Sandflower: The Quantum Seed

The Quantum Seed

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Naughty rapping in the verses with a cool beat going into a big sing-along chorus on “Quicksand,” featuring Unstoppable Death Machines opens Sandflower’s new The Quantum Seed. A Brooklyn-based genre-fluid artist (although I’m not sure what that term means), the lady in question has some decent pipes, can write some singable choruses, and knows her way around rapping as well as ballad making.

Layering vocals perfectly, “Goddess Cxlture” presents wild synths backing snapping drum machine snares, while “Break My Soul,” offers some high keys under Sandflower’s warble of “oh oh oh’s” in this desperate love tune. I like how things stay kinetic yet soft (mostly); a nice change-up from what came before it,

Again, there is a lot to sing along to here. “Bump” has a cool metallic roll to it, with things staying tight in the beat. “Shake That Boom” is slow, sly, and silly, like the very best flights of nasty fun Prince would trot out every now and again. Again, the vocal is well sung and sexy, the rap fast, and you can twerk to the tune. And, once again, Sunflower delivers a chorus you can sing to.

Lots of space-age sounds run in and around the fantastically fun “Wild Things Are,” with its slightly overproduced chorus, and then the big pop ballad “Don’t Stress” lends itself to some of the best singing here and a UK House Remix of “Break My Soul,” ends The Quantum Seed.

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