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THE BOOK REPORT: The View from the Bridge

The View from the BridgeBy Nicholas Meyer(Viking Adult). You would think the man who wrote and directed two of the most popular […]

The Daily Shortlist December 31

Location: DUMBO, BrooklynEvent: Murray Hill’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!Show time: 9:30 PMVenue: GalapagosFood: RICEDrink: Low Bar Miscellaneous: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Wow, […]

MUSIC REVIEWS: Porter Block, Junk Culture, Erin Mckeown, Late Night Tales, Princeton, Editors, Satanique Samba Trio

Porter BlockThe Gowanus Yacht Club(Engine Room Records) Well, if you could only say one thing about Porter Block, it would not be […]

The Daily Shortlist December 30

Location: Gowanus, BrooklynEvent: Ginger Brew Ha-Ha Extravaganza!Show time: 6:30 PM; FREEVenue: Bell HouseFood: El Viejo Yayo Drink: Buttermilk BarMiscellaneous: The Chocolate Room […]


Consisting of drummer Dan Epand, guitarist Rich Koehler and vocalist Aja Volkman, Nico Vega is the rock band that you’ll love in […]

The Daily Shortlist December 29

Location: East Village, NYCArt: Joshua Wildman: I Have Known you Too LongShow time: See website for details; Through January 2Venue: Fuse GalleryFood: […]

Philosophy Advanced Makeup Optional Skin Skincare System

With such a wide variety of face-cleaning agents made available by the beauty industry today, it can be quite challenging to determine […]

Post Holiday Getaway Essentials

Once the presents have been opened and the house guests have come and gone you can finally look forward to your post-holiday […]

The Daily Shortlist December 28

Location: Chelsea, NYCBands: 2009 IT SUCKED! AwardsShow time: 9:30 PMVenue: Upright Citizens Brigade TheatreFood: Pop BurgerDrink: Gaslight Lounge Miscellaneous: Amy’s Bread The […]

DVD REVIEW: Facing Ali

Facing Ali(Lionsgate) It might be debatable who the greatest boxer of all time might be, but there is no arguing over the […]

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