DuWop Crush

Best known for creating the much-touted lip venom used by celebrities throughout Hollywood, Cristina Bartolucci, Makeup Artist and Creative Director of DuWop Cosmetics seems to have once again succeeded in creating products worthy of use on movie sets and stages across the nation.

DuWop Crush is a three-part, “jewel-toned” series of metallic eye shadows, presented in shades resembling gold, bronze, and goth-ish raspberry. On first sight, the compartments appear to be filled with crushed velvet rather than crushed powder, and upon application, that crushed velvet appearance is magically retained. Furthermore, this product’s smooth and easy application is guaranteed to add instant-vamp to any diva’s evening beauty routine (emphasis on evening – these colors might not be suitable for the corporate cubicle). That being said, DuWop Crush is absolutely the product of choice for those in the market for fiercer, shinier lids.

Jessica Stein

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