I WAS THERE . . . NYC EXXXOTICA Convention @ New Jersey Expo Center, 9/25-9/27/09


Yeah, there are some kinda cool things happening across the river. I happened to get hooked-up for a press pass (cause that’s just how I roll) for the NYC Exxxotica Convention 2009. Amidst the usual controversy that has seen the porn convention moved from one NJ suburban town to another over the years, this year things went off, among all the protests against it, at the New Jersey Expo Center, down in Edison NJ.

I’ve been to a few of these conventions. They boast B2B symposiums (that’s business to business, don’t worry I didn’t know what B2B meant ’til just recently myself) and a lot of porn ‘talent’; Exxxotica was heavy on the talent, less so on the B2B. I sauntered in at noon when things were actually still being set up. Most of the ‘booths’ (basically delineated open carpeted/curtained areas) were still empty of ‘talent’ (porn stars who would be ’round about four when the public would be let in to take $20 pics) but I did get lucky though with a few early interviews.

The first person/company/area I walked into (after passing under the “Wicked Pictures” area of ceiling to floor porn star banners) was the “Jesus Loves Porn Star” booth. I corralled the pretty spokesperson Jessica Nienaber there for a few quick questions:

So tell me about “Jesus Loves Porn Stars.. It certainly is an interesting, eye-catching business name.

We’re a church based in Las Vegas. We go to all the porn shows, all over the world, here, England, Australia and have been doing so for seven years.

I was gonna ask what your company’s about, but in this case, let me ask, what’s your mission?

To tell people that Jesus loves them no matter what you’ve done, who you are; no matter what you’re gonna do tomorrow.

And you come here to pass out your literature, make your presence known, chat with people?

Well, the church has been outside the porn shows with signs and bullhorns, but we felt in today’s culture we needed to get more relevant. We need to go into these places and just say hey, we’re not gonna judge, we’re not gonna win an argument, we’re gonna be here, be present, build friendships.

And you were telling me your boss Craig Gross is best friends with…

Yes, one of his best friends is Ron Jeremy, they go all over the country doing porn debates.

I didn’t think it prudent to remind the passionate Miss Nienaber of how many times Mr. Jeremy helped a young lady to ‘see God’ so I took her little booklet (find them at www.xxxchurch.com if you’re so inclined) and sauntered to talk to Miss Tee of Jezebel’s NYC, a premier dungeon for those of the fetish-ly inclined. The fetching BBW dom fanned herself and told me the how’s, why’s and where’s to get your S&M thang on in the big bad apple.

How long has Jezebel’s been around?

About 12 years. We’re located in lower Manhattan, currently on Fulton Street but we’re moving to our new dungeon on John Street.

How many girls do you have?

About 25 doms (short for dominatrix, women who dominate their clients in many varied ways) some of them are ‘switches’ (these girls can either dominate a client or allow a client to dominate them) and we have a couple of straight subs (girls who get paid to let clients dominate them exclusively).

How long have you been doing this work?

I’ve been working for Jezebel’s NYC for about a year. I am a pro and lifestyle dom.

Do you have a specific ‘specialty?

Smothering, 54-inches of ass here.

Mmmm, I guess if you got it you might as well use it.


What would you say to someone looking for this kind of experience. Some one who is interested in visiting a house of domination, but knows nothing about doing so?

Well you should def go online. You can check us out at www.seaportsiren.com and there you can see pictures of all the dominatrixes, get the fees, go into forums, post something and we’ll respond. Get our phone numbers, get private email, or call our head mistress Jezebel with whatever scene (the role-play, or fetish you are looking to enact with the mistress) you want. If you don’t know what you want I guarantee I’ll know what you want when you get there.

Don’t you just love a confident woman who loves what she does?

Next, I figure it might be best to get a few words from a honest-to-goodness porn star. So I did. I caught up with Taryn Thomas, once voted “dirtiest girl in porn” (just think what you have to do to earn that title!) who just started her own company to release her DVD/VOD (‘video on demand’) porn content. This is what the dark-haired beauty had to say about her new venture:

Tell me about this new venture you’re promoting here at the convention.

I came back to the business in Feb 2009 and started my own company Taryn It Up Entertainment and our first movie Vogue Nasty comes out October 5th.

Why your own thing now?

I took about two and a half years off, so when I came back I figured it was pretty much the right time to start my own company; be my own brand.

And you’ve just about worked for everybody in the past, right?

Yeah, there’s probably not a company I didn’t work for.

But with Tayrn It Up you pretty much run the show, right?

Yeah, I have control over everything now,

What’s the plan beyond Vogue Nasty?

For now we plan to release something every two months, then in a year’s time, probably once a month.


DVD, VOD, Internet, everything, yeah.

An enterprising young lass, I left Taryn after she signed her DVD flat for me, quite sure that her venture will be a success. Find her wares at www.totallytaryn.com.

Walking past the mechanical bull shaped like a penis, past the Fantasy Island island for their porn stars signings and picture taking, giving a nod to Evan Seinfield of Terapatrick.com (he of “Biohazard” fame and owner of the company his famous wife works for), tickling a few of the products at the Fleshlight booth-boasting to be “The Number One Male Sex Toy In the World”-I got the opportunity to talk to New Jersey’s own Joanna Angel of Burning Angel Productions. The diminutive tattooed pornstar/business tycoon was quite busy, so she only had time for a quick picture and a few remarks about her latest production.

So what’s new here at Burning Angel?

Our new DVD, LA Pink.

Where can someone find this new one and the many other products and projects you’re involved in?

The best place to keep up with all of it is to just go to www.burningangel.com. You’ll find everything about what we’re doing there.

And LA Pink is available on DVD, VOD…?

Just on DVD, we’re not into VOD. You can become a member on the site, get updates, buy the DVD.

We actually have a mutual friend (name withheld to protect the innocent)

Yeah, well…so many people, so much time passes, ya know?

So LA Pink is what’s happening for the immediate future with you and the girls?

Yes, definitely, that’s what we’re promoting here today and for the foreseeable future.

Joanna had literally just come into the arena so I had to leave her to her fans wanting pics and autographs (she is one popular little gal, that’s for sure).

I was on my feet for most of the day and growing tired. Really, how many perfect breasts can one hetero guy see in one day? How many Pyrex® dildos and girls posing on swings can you pass until you say, ‘enough, I need to go get a sandwich, drive back up the Parkway during rush hour and feed the fish (I don’t have any fish, but you know what I mean). I simply owed it to us all to check out the scene that was NYC Exxxotic ’09 and report back to you with the lowdown on what went down, in NJ.

Ralph Greco Jr.

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