SEX: My Night In a Dungeon

We all know there isn’t anything you can’t get, day or night, in this great big city of ours. Name the cuisine and you’ll find it, theater/movies/music…we have it all! Even, dare I mention it, when it comes to sex. Yes, you can indulge your fantasies aplenty in the Big Apple and Jezebel’s might just be the preeminent place to do it.

This place for the BDSM minded (that’s bondage and discipline for you not in the know) is located in the South Street Seaport area. Unlike other dungeons, Jezebel’s is less about trappings then they are about service. Mistress Jezebel strives for a welcoming atmosphere, “You’re as likely to get mac and cheese in my dungeons as anything else,” she said, once again flashing me that great big smile of hers. I happened in for the Halloween party, and the minute I climbed the staircase everyone, from the guy at the front door to every one of the 15 mistresses greeted me with a warm smile and a great big hello. This is not the typical space with a weird shadowy vibe and imposing rooms dressed like a movie set. This is a professional space for men and women to ply a fantasy or two, make a connection with a woman who understands their need and leave knowing they are welcomed back any time.

“I love this area of town,” the alluring African American lady of the house told me. “My neighbors all know what I do, they are all very accepting. A lot of my clients come from this area, I love it here.” In fact hers’ is the only place of it’s kind ‘down there’ in the Seaport area.

And Mistress Jezebel is aware of her client’s needs even when it comes to their wallets. As she told me, “After November it seemed we were getting only two to three costumers a day; I knew we had to make it up in volume even if we charged less. So I lowered the prices and my clients almost quadrupled. I have had many a new costumer say they came strictly for the price, but came back again for the girls.”

Check out Mistress Jezebel’s on the web HERE and tell them Ralph sent you.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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