Age Of Evil @ B.B. King’s, 1/26/10


I’ve long ago realized I’m not, never have been and will never be cool. So, when I get the chance to experience something that is, man I am down…as the kids say. Last night a date and I (she happens to be cool) caught the blistering Age of Evil, quartet play a heavy, hard, and old-school metal half hour at B.B King’s (opening for Hail). The 2 pairs of brothers, Jeremy Goldberg-vocal/guitar, his brother Jacob on bass with the brothers Ziff: Jordan on lead guitar, Garrett on drums, hit the standing crowd right between the eyes with a tighter-than-tight 7-song half hour. Opening with their heavy (yet commercial) “Call Me Evil,” through the faster-than-fast feet of Garrett and true guitar styling of Jordan, to a great “Get Dead” from the band’s latest EP, these Scottsdale natives showed a very appreciative crowd what they are about: powerful musical playing with serious conviction. Check them out on Myspace

Ralph Greco, Jr.

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