Soy Based and Scentfully Delicious Stark Candles


I’m a bit of a candle person. I burn candles for special events, as well as every non-occasion. I’m the kind of person that will come home from work and light candles for dinner, while I’m alone. Just saying, I love candles.

I was recently introduced to Stark Candles. Hand poured in Los Angeles and made from soy, I’m now in love with these exceptional candles. I’ve used soy candles in the past (soy is preferred by some for their slower burn), but it was the scent of Stark’s candles that caused them to stand out. The aroma is perfect for apartment living – mellow, but sustained; the scent fills a small space without overpowering it.

The candle I had the pleasure of trying was Sunset, which is described as “warm, smokey…notes of grapefruit, lemon.” I think citrus is one of the most universally appealing aromas available, and on top of that, the scent of this candle reminded me of a summer evening, which is most likely what they were going for, given the name, so job well done. Through a happy accident (that involved my roommate burning a candle in his room while I was burning Sunset in mine), I discovered that lighting this candle along with a vanilla-scented candle created a delicious dreamsicle scent.

I highly recommend Stark candles, for those looking to move beyond paraffin and traditional candles. Poured in LA, they should appeal to the American Apparel crowd, as well as anyone that is a fan of non-paraffin wax candles. Also, with each candle burning 45 hours, it lasts longer than you might think.

Elizabeth Sorrell

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