Shannon Corey: Overdue


Shannon Corey
(Shannon Corey)

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Shannon Corey’s lushly toned vocals together with the openness of perceptively strong lyrics makes Overdue masterful and fresh. Layered in a wicked vibrancy of bright pop piano adds nicely to lyrics dealing with the tussle of modern romance and all the drama and joy that comes with it. It’s a pleasure to hear Corey sort it all out on “Let Me Out.” The tune lights up like a neon city song of a lonely girl frustrated by an underwhelming, slowly ending relationship. The build of piano and smashes of drum add to the emotional turns of constant hope and residual failure. Within the simply structured yet thriving soundscape of the rest of her band, there’s a bit of a riotous and slightly punk nature. “Sunday Morning,” is full of intimacy, Corey observes, “I’m memorizing all the marks on your body, it’s amazing what some free time will do.” Visual and escapist, Shannon Corey embodies a young and talented soul. Hints of genius shine through every track. She perfectly captures moments and isolates them between keys of her piano with her mid-range voice. The soulful life of lyrics and piano makes Shannon Corey stand out from anything else one thinks they may know about a girl and her piano. A beautiful voice and an engaging melody will take you anywhere.

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  1. Always a delight to see her perform. She is pure entertainment, even between songs! Can’t wait to see her again in RI. Shannon is one to watch!


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