THE SEX FILES: He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

As I mentioned last week, for the next two months I’m going to feature some interviews with the girls (and the staff) of Digital Playground, the leader in adult entertainment. D.P. really presents the whole shebang; broadcast, novelties, all things bundled together, on a global scale…and some of the most popular adult stars on the planet.

Look for interviews with four of the company’s biggest stars, but today I’m kicking it all off by interviewing Farley Cahen, the company’s V.P. of Novelty Development. Now I have interviewed plenty of folk ‘in the biz’ but I learned so much from my brief talk with Mr. Cahen, not just about Digital Playground’s newly launched toy line, but also about adult toys and what goes into making them.

Silly me, I thought D.P. was only about adult movies?

We launched our toy line in January. We are the direct manufacturer now, before this we had a private white label deal (this is where a company like D.P. puts their name or images on a product they don’t make but distribute) and while those toys were selling real well there was a directive last year for us to make our own novelties.

I’m assuming it’s not just enough to say, ‘we want to make toys now’ and throwing money into it?

Right, a lot goes into this, specifically if you want to make great toys. We spent over a year researching, developing and designing these products. I searched through other adult retailers; we spent over $10,000 buying other products. We hired two in-house designers. Our goal was to bring to consumers toys unparalleled to any other in the industry.

I just have to ask, ‘research?”

I’ll give you a for instance.

When I went into adult toy stores I noticed that more often then not the packages the toys were in were ripped open, simply because the customer couldn’t see the toy in the box. What we wanted to do was present our toys in progressive packaging, with pictures of the girls on the box-with no nudity of course-but we wanted to create a box that was a little showcase, with graphics that showcased the girls and a clear plastic box with the toy floating there, a 360 visual design view. That’s just one example where we approached our toy line differently.

Your first toy launch was in connection with your very popular Pirates movies.

Yes. Pirates 1 and Pirates 2 are the best selling adult movies of all time, so we thought the best thing to do was start with a crossover of toys from that title. There are plenty of Halloween pirate costumes and popular clothing out there, but nobody has captured the adult pirate theme toys, we just figured it was a natural progression from the DVDs. We made toys that are elegant, not just kitschy. Something like our pendant vibe, it’s made to look like a small projectile, something you might find in a pirate’s treasure chest! But it’s also a fun fashion item, something you can wear around your neck when you go out to a club.

I’ve read some great endorsements from your contemporaries: Hustler Hollywood Executive Vice President Theresa Flynt said: “I absolutely love the new toys… These will sell just as well as the DVDs.” And Sherri Shaulis, Novelty and Apparel’s Senior Editor said: “I’ve always been impressed with the quality of Digital Playground’s movies & particularly the Pirates franchise… Retailers should have no problems up-selling when they pair this line with one of the most popular adult movies ever made.”

Those endorsements are so important to us. In Sherri’s case, she’s an expert, when you hear another retailer like her endorsing you, you know the quality of your product has to be phenomenal. Really, we are so excited because not only are we presenting quieter, long lasting products, medical grate products, but we have the chance to cross promote the movies and toys. We’re presenting a unique concept in the world of adult entertainment.

For information on these products and more, visit Digital Playground at www.DigitalPlayground.com.

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