See Railbird @ The Living Room Every Wednesday in June for FREE

It’s a good thing Railbird is playing at the Living Room every Wednesday night in June, because you’ll want to hear the latest in indie genre-bending, and now you can hear it for free. Coming from bluesy roots in Saratoga, NY, the music of songstress Sarah Pedinotti and her band (at least one of whom sits on the floor banging on a xylophone, or whatever happens to be around) immediately stands out as special and significant. Their seamless blend of psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll (“Swamp Thing” may have borrowed a keyboard riff from “Strawberry Fields Forever”) and sharp, textured, cerebral indie pop makes an evening with Railbird seem like Soft Machine collided in slow motion with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s secret tracks and commanded you to dance. Do yourself a favor and stop by this little LES bar any Wednesday in June (did I mention that it’s FREE?!). If you can’t make the shows, you can check out their self-titled EP, but the intimate setting may not be an option we can enjoy for long….Railbird is certainly headed for greatness.

Venue website: http://www.livingroomny.com/

Band website: http://www.myspace.com/railbirdmusic

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