THE SEX FILES: An Interview with Pornstar Jesse Jane


Well, I had my first date…my first date with one of the girls from Digital Playground, that is: Jesse Jane. Jesse’s all-American good looks have adorned Maxim and FHM magazines. She’s been in music videos with Kid Rock, scored leading roles on shows like Entourage and is a frequent guest of Howard Stern and has hosted VH1. Jesse rocketed to stardom in DP’s Pirates movie-the best selling porn DVD ever-and starred in Pirates 2, as well as a mess of other titles. The blonde-haired green-eyed cutie couldn’t have been nicer as we talked about her super popular films, the state of the business, what ‘s in her future and even a little bit about men and women’s relationships today.

First of all, let me say congrats on Pirates and Pirates 2. Did you guys know they would blow up the way they have?

With the whole series we wanted to make something different, something that’s never been done. They were long complicated shoots and of course when you’re doing them, all you’re thinking is that if the budget is bigger than usual, then everyone’s really stepping it up. But then when everything’s said and done and you see the finished product and it becomes the biggest selling adult DVD of all time, to be part of that history is definitely something to be proud of. In fact, Pirates was the first adult movie to get edited down into an R-rating and sold in Blockbuster!

I’m sure the shoot must have been totally different than what you normally experience on an adult movie.

Well, first of all, the shoot was very long. There were CGI effects, a lot more dialogue to remember. We had to wait for them to build the sets, for the first one we had to travel to St. Petersburg to shoot on the boat…which was so amazing and fun.

What I am amazed at is that Disney let you guys use the boat from their Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Yes, on Pirates 1. Disney didn’t think our movie would be that big, and their only rule was that we couldn’t shoot any sex on the boat, all those scenes were done on a set made to look like we were inside of the boat. We actually got on the boat the day after they got off shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3; all the girls were like looking around for Orlando Bloom! (laughs) But then when our first Pirates film got so big and we came to do the second, Disney wouldn’t let us rent the boat again, so for Pirates 2 they made a wooden boat inside a studio but we were working against green screens. The sets were crazy, and again we had all those people for wardrobe and hair and make-up, which just helps you get into character.

With Pirates so successful, you must see a lot of imitators.

Well porn goes in phases. Right now there seems to be a lot of parody titles but ever since Pirates, yes, it seems every company has been trying to ante up with a big feature, one or two movies a year that they try and push out. But they don’t come close to what Digital Playground accomplished. See, a lot of porn is tailor made for guys, some women really aren’t that comfortable with straight gonzo, women need stories. I’ve never had so many men come up to me and tell me their wife or girlfriend is now comfortable watching porn because of them being introduced to the Pirates movies. Then there’s the crossover to, ya know the pirates toys, pirates t-shirts, all that stuff keeps the interest alive beyond the movies.

What’s coming up for you?

We shot another big movie, Body Heat which is about firefighters. We actually got a firehouse, fire trucks, real firemen’s uniforms; that comes out in August. That was another long shoot, 16-hour days, which is really hard but fun. Then I have a bunch of mainstream movies like Frat Party and Let The Game Begin. I have a cameo in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie Middle Man.

Might we see you on Entourage again?

Crossing my fingers, something might be coming up on that.

Tell me about what’s happening with your website.

It’s going live very soon (this week or next). It’s a live website where I can do shows, interact with my fans. I do a lot traveling so what I hope to do is go on when I’m bored in a hotel room and connect with my subscribers, hop on line, do a live show, alert the members. I will do my usual two live shows a month but all that other stuff is extra I am offering to members.

When I mentioned to some of the girls I know that I was interviewing you, almost all of them asked me to ask you what your take is on the modern male/female dynamic. Do you thinks guys and girls are getting along better now? Do you think things are better overall for couples trying to stay together?

Yes, I think men and women’s relationships are developing better. Sex is not the taboo it once was and I think women are less afraid to be sexual, where before, women were too afraid to tell a guy what they wanted, what they didn’t even know they wanted. So I think people are healthier and sex lives are better. The two biggest issues in a relationships are sex and money, no doubt about it, so it’s good to have a healthy sex life.

And you’re going to keep at this for the foreseeable future?

I figure I can stay in movies, keep myself in shape for the next 3-5 years, then I will hopefully have my book out, my websites up and running. But for right now I love every minute of this, I have a great job.

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