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In keeping my promise to you my gentle reader, I had the good fortune to speak to Riley Steele, another of those winsome adult beauties in the Digital Playground stable of stars. The San Jose native got into adult movies after meeting mega star Jesse Jane at a media event for Digital Playground’s first “Pirates” movie, thrust into the D.P. world on her first-ever feature, Pirates 2 Stagnetti’s Revenge. Since then, Riley has been in the award winning Nurses, Riley Steele Scream and the upcoming Body Heat, among others and has recently traipsed over into mainstream fare with the upcoming Piranha 3D with Jerry O’Connell and a new HBO series, Life On Top. I talked to Riley about all these busy goings-ons.

Before we get into all the adult stuff, I know you have some recent mainstream fare you’re in. Can you tell me about the upcoming Piranha 3D?

It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a three-month shoot in Lake Havasu, so I basically got to live somewhere different for three months, and I loved that. I was nervous since this was my first time doing something mainstream, but the cast and crew couldn’t have been nicer. If anything, everyone found the adult entertainment industry very interesting. It was really nice but nobody treated me different. Kelly Brook, Jerry O’Connell, everybody was fantastic.

And you were mentioning some pretty intense training, right?

Yeah we had to go through some pretty intense breathing and swimming training. I can’t swim all that well really and I thought I had blown the audition, actually. But the director, Alexandre Aja said the stuff he shot with me and Kelly underwater was the best stuff he ever shot. But the heat in Lake Havasu, then getting into the cold water; all that stuff was really hard physically.

Would it be spoiling the movie if I ask if you survive?

I’d tell you but then I’d to have kill you. It’s really just boobs, blood and fun.

And you have a new HBO series coming too, right?

Yes, I just got the script for that, it’s called Life On Top. It’s basically a younger Sex In The City type of show, but with younger girls and we have a lot more sex and show a lot more. From what I read so far it’s a great script and I’m so excited to do it.

And it shoots in Romania?

Yeah, which is cool, because like I love to travel. I haven’t been there yet but I’ve been Googling all about it. I can’t wait to do it.

Let’s go back a bit, to when you got into the business and started working for Digital Playground. Basically you met Jesse Jane at a press event for the first Pirates movie release, she saw you and gave you her card, thought you’d make a great adult star.

Well I had looked up to all those sex symbols: Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson, Jesse. I knew from a young age I wanted to be a big sex symbol, not in porn at first of course, but as I got older I thought it would be great to bring mainstream and adult together. So when I met Jesse, and she was so sweet, nice, and welcoming, I really began to consider a career in the adult entertainment industry. It took me two or three years from our first meeting for me to finally call her but when I did she basically took me under her wing and I signed with Digital Playground when I was 21.

And your first movie for D.P. was the Pirates sequel?

Yes, to be thrown into something that big for my first time was huge…but I loved it! Obviously having sex on camera is totally different than when you have sex in real life, but you learn how to do it properly.

And you have something new coming from Digital Playground?

It’s called Body Heat. We got to shoot in firehouses, wear all the gear, there’s a real hot 6-girl orgy on the back of a fire-truck! These Digital Playground features are really above and beyond anything put out there at the moment. When we’re shooting, we shoot scenes in soft core for our new network cable channel and of course hard core for the DVD release. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun to do.

And though you’re a San Diego native you live in LA now, right?

Yeah, it’s good for me to have everything right here. Besides, if a girl can’t make a shoot I can pick up her work.

Is there any down time for you? Like what do you do on a day you’re not working?

I’m such a loser; I don’t do anything really (laughs). I wake up, drink coffee, go to the gym and come home and go to sleep. I don’t have a boyfriend; I live alone. I really don’t like not working, I like to be busy, bombarded. I panic Sundays when I have nothing coming up for the week.

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