The Top 5: A Jaded New Jersy-ians Top Spots To Eat in NYC

Nothing Say Summer Like Ribs! Check out Virgil's Barebecue.

So I am one of those who come in. I don’t live anywhere in the five boroughs but I know a good place when I see one (especially a good place to eat) so here is a top five from me

1.) I hate to start off with such a high profile spot but for the hushpuppies alone, I got to give a nod to Virgril’s Barbecue at 152 W 44th. Price are kinda higher then I usually like and sometimes it’s crowded, still this place has a big big menu and the staff is always as good as the food.


2.) Tea, great salads and kick-ass Shepard’s Pie-Tea and Sympathy, at 108 Greenwich Ave  is always crowded, sometimes rushed, often loud, but still the best place for true English cuisine…other then jolly ol’ London town of course.


3&4) Chinese (Uptown)-Ollie’s. I prefer their 411 W. 42nd st location over the upper Broadway one; both serve great cheap Chinese food. Hop Kee, at 41 Mott Street (upstairs or down) is definitely on the low end as far as décor goes, but for quality of food and price, it can’t be beat.

Ollie’s website:
Hop Kee website:

5.) La Bella Ferrara, at 108 Mulberry St-I can’t speak for the sit down service but the cookies are always fresh and it beats the more famous and (infinitely more tourist-y) Ferrara’s down the street. To give you an idea, I ate at Hop Kee the same night I went to Ferrara’s for dessert and spent more money at Ferrara’s for coffee, etc. then I did at Hop’s for dinner!


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