Marco Benevento: Between the Needles & Nightfall

Marco Benevento
Between the Needles & Nightfall
(Royal Potato Family)

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Blending genres that might otherwise be accepted as mutually exclusive, Marco Benevento embraces his influences with astounding results. Exploring a mix of post-rock and electronic with years of jazz keyboard training, Benevento churns these varied stylings into an immersive, melodic soundscape on Between the Needles & Nightfall.

Harnessing the visually adorable power of a baby grand piano (boosted by guitar pick-ups), an optigan, circuit bent toys, and a legion of keyboards, Benevento bends, cuts, loops, and shapes fragmented chords, compositions, and visceral improvisation. The result is an impassioned collection of tracks that weave ingeniously between melody and chaos and beg the question, “Why don’t more jazz musicians experiment with indie rock?”

Backed by bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Andrew Barr, with engineering by Bryce Goggin (who’s worked on albums for Pavement and Akron/Family), Between the Needles & Nightfall boasts captivating standalone tracks, from the electronic charm of “It Came From You” and the daydream anthem “Ila Frost,” to the charged lush sounds of “You Know I’m No Good.” Whether you’re a fan of experimental post-rock, improvisational jazz, or whatever falls between, add Marco Benevento’s new album to your shortlist.

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