Our 2010 Summer Sun Protection Picks


Sum sum summertime? More like sun-sun-sun-er, time! (groan) But why not? Summer is after all the sunniest of seasons, which is why we must revisit the all-important issue of skin protection. This year several new products make sun protection all the easier:

Nivea – A Kiss of Perfection
No one wants to lip-lock with sandpaper. Nivea knows. And, while this stick’s marketing is clearly targeting the sluts among us (“Let your lips look and feel soft and smooth to make every kiss memorable. NIVEA Lip Care gives you beautiful lips that are ready to kiss and be kissed…making each kiss one to remember,” – that makes 4 kisses in one sentence), the product seems to work just fine for all-purpose lips-in-the-sun scenarios (you know, besides kissing). Some people like their lip protection minty, others like the “tingling” feeling that those minty sticks offer. Those people probably shouldn’t go for this product. Other people, however, should find this modern take on lip protection to be subtly-scented, easy to store and highly effective. Equipped with UVA/UVB protection at a SPF of 30, shea butter and vitamin E, this lip care product keeps moisture in so that chapped lips become a mere memory.  All kisses should be memorable, just less abrasive.

Eucerin Every Day Protection Face Lotion
Eucerin, long reputed for good quality moisturizing products, now offers a sensitive skin face lotion that stands out as a high quality, highly effective (tested by this reviewer who used it prior to a long, very sun-exposed run), non-greasy and very light lotion. It is also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and made up of microfine zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (this is I think a good thing, as they allegedly prevent UV damage). SPF cashes in at 30 and approval is provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  Bonus: the pump-with-cap makes it travel-friendly, so no need to hesitate to throw it into a beach bag!

Neutrogena Age Shield FACE Sunblock
Neutrogena is yet another well-touted skincare line offering a quality face product that guarantees high quality protection from damaging UV rays.  It’s easy to remember that the sun can cause melanoma, maybe less easy to remember that it can also cause wrinkles. All the more reason to grab one of these face-protecting products and gracing a generous smattering! Where the Eucerin lotion emphasizes cancer prevention, Neutrogena hones in on wrinkles. At an SPF of 55, boasting the ingredient of “helioplex broad-spectrum uva-uvb,” Age Shield FACE is a no-nonsense (and non-greasy) means to combat the aging effects of overexposure to the sun. For those concerned with the science, this product has dual functions: (1) to screen out UVB rays, and (2) to stop the penetration of UVA rays. Use it in good health and find your skin in even better health!

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