THE TOP 5: Healthier Ice Cream Brands for Summer

I know ice cream and health isn’t necessarily a marriage made-in-heaven –but trust, this time they are! I’ve listed five mostly natural, organic and non-dairy frozen desserts that I personally taste-tested myself. Yup, six pints of flavor in about two weeks (there’s an honorable mention for kicks and giggles). So you may be asking: What’s so special about these brands?

Well, according to VegNews (a popular vegan magazine), non-dairy brands have no cholesterol, less fat and sugar than dairy ice cream. That said, here’s my totally unbiased list of five delectable varieties you should savor this summer:

1. LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream: Before you scream, “GOAT MILK?” Here’s a bit of information: goat milk is good for lactose-intolerant folks [raises hand] because of its natural makeup. So for starters simply try the Rumplemint flavor, which has “garden mint (not peppermint)” and see how it makes you feel afterwards. You can thank me later!

Website: http://www.laloos.com

2. Ciao Bella Gelato: Italian ice cream. Do I even need to say more?? Fresh fruit flavors (Strawberry), no artificial hormones (to produce more milk); plus, there are at least four Ciao Bella Gelato Bars (that I know of) in the city of New York!

Website: http://www.ciaobellagelato.com

3. Tofutti: This was my first time trying Tofutti and to my surprise the Better Pecan flavor didn’t disappoint. It’s definitely less sweet than any other butter pecan brand I’ve tasted, yet full of pecans, a smooth texture and overall goodness because it’s milk free.

Website: http://tofutti.com

4. Purely Decadent: Though I use to swear by their sister-brand SOY Delicious (now SO Delicious), PD’s Pomegranate Chip with its dark chocolate flakes and chunks now have me slightly torn. Who knew vegan ice cream could taste so good? Oooh, let me answer!

Website: http://www.turtlemountain.com/products/purely_decadent.html

5. Stonyfield Farm: This was another brand I’d only admired from afar. Finally gave into Cookies ‘n Cream, which is made with organic vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafers. Yup, it is all USDA-approved –meaning at least 95 percent of the ingredients are natural!

Website: http://www.stonyfield.com/stonyfield/index.jsp

Honorable mention: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Bars. Though I’ve had Mint Galactica more times than I care to share here, which is made with coconut milk and peppermint; their dark chocolate Bliss Bars are simply divine. Soy, dairy-free and vegan as well.

Website: http://www.coconutbliss.com/

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