THE SEX FILES: Making Sex High-tech with the RealTouch

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RealTouch, bills itself as “the high tech personal pleasure device for men”. It’s a sleeve (see picture) that encases the penis to simulate the warmth, moistness and ‘relative’ motion of sexual encounters while one watches video-on-demand on line. With a “specially tailored orifice”, the RealTouch flexes and squeezes to create a comfortable sealing sensation, able to accommodate men of almost any size (phew, that’s a relief) with the use of Haptic technology (I’ll get to this below). I had a sit down with Scott Rinaldo, product manager for RealTouch over at the AEBN company, producers of RealTouch, about the device, what it does, how it does it and how what it does might very well be the very best thing to come along for human sexuality in a very long time.

I guess the first question I have is; how does this thing work…in layman’s terms.

RealTouch uses Haptic technology.  Ww are the only adult product on the planet licensed to do so.  Actually it’s the same technology NASA uses on the space shuttle when an astronaut manipulates a big boom arm from inside the craft, or is used on Wii games and the like. It’s the science of touch and we are using it in sexual terms.

So a man watches a VOD, ‘puts’ himself into the device and there are certain cues embedded in the video that move the RealTouch for him, or make it warmer (the RealTouch has 2 separate heating elements that gradually warm the device to human temperature) or lubricate it at certain intervals?

Yes, our first biggest challenge was to create software that would encode the video frame-by- frame; when to stoke, drop in lube (the RealTouch’s lube reservoir holds copious amounts of water-based lubricant, releasing it in precisely the right amount…and at the right  time). The process of encoding takes 8 hours for a ten minuet clip.

Wow, that’s a long time.

You can bet we are trying to automate the encoding, but we don’t want a computer determining the spots in the video for the responses, we still want a human doing that.

So I have to assume you guys have a lot of videos available?

Our parent company AEBN licenses the largest library of adult films in the world.

Tell me a little bit of how you got to RealTouch, your background.

I’ve been in sales and marketing most of my life, but at the time AEBN hired me I was actually on the semi-pro golf circuit. I had contacts in the adult industry and took the opportunity to run the RealTouch project as a safer way to earn a living. RealTouch has the potential for longevity vs. a short lived golf career. RealTouch has more potential than any product I have ever marketed.

So, you see real Touch as the beginning of a whole different approach to sexual play and pleasure?

Well we have a 25-year patent, so that will show you that we are thinking long-term. I see the point we’re at now as the 1st inning of an 11 inning game.

Playing Devil’s Advocate: Isn’t RealTouch just another in a long line of devices created to make us more insular? Just another device that will keep us in our own little cocoons, at home, never seeking interaction with another human? (I don’t believe this but I had to ask it.)

You know, it’s funny. A woman can have her vibrator fall out of her purse at work and everyone just giggles, but a guy gets caught masturbating he is exiled to Elba with Napoleon. So that’s really why a product like this gets criticism, right now it’s about male masturbation. But we are going to introduce a dildo in a year’s time and down the line we have plans for a clitoral stimulator for women, in no time it will be accepted for both sexes to use. I predict we will be on Oprah talking about this soon!

Normal couple sexual relations aren’t challenged by the RealTouch. In fact my wife loves it.  Though I don’t need that extra bit of sexual arousal, there are times when she isn’t in the mood for whatever reason, or I’m away on a trip.  I mean we’ve all done phone sex right? This is just another dimension of masturbation, and I think it’s the wave of the future for couples to enjoy each other when they are maybe separated by miles or different levels of desire. The RealTouch is just another way to enhance the human sexual experience

You can read, see and experience more about the RealTouch at: www.realtouch.com

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