THE SEX FILES: Sex, Celebrity Mishaps, and Trash TV


From time to time I like to take some time away from talking to porn stars, reviewing vibrators and basically rounding-up all things sexual. With this most blistering summer of ’10 coming to a close I figured why not ponder a few of life’s more interesting salacious happenings in the past three sticky months.

As always, I welcome your insights, as much or even more so than mine. So please write in with comments on any of the below or any of your own.

1.)    Getting’ away. I happened to get to San Francisco at the beginning of July for the Cybernet convention. This is a B2B (business to business for those not in the know…of which I wasn’t until I heard the term for the first time last year) for us writers/website owners/content providers of adult businesses. As always, I had a great time, learned enough to fill my stunted noggin’ and enjoyed the 57 degree coolness of San Fran in summer! It made me consider, once again, how all of us in business-no matter the business we’re in-more or less need one another, even our competitors, to keep us doing that business. Reminds me of that line from The Godfather 2, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” But I don’t have any enemies, certainly not in the adult business, so in my case it’s just: “Keep your friends closer.”

2.)   Jersey Shore. Back from their hiatus, we are deep into all things Snookie and The Situation and from all reports the viewership is as high as ever. Can’t blame the public for enjoying the train-wreck that is this show, but watching it I realize to a smaller or greater degree, at the ripe ol’ age of 20-something I was loud in my action and speech….though there were no cameras chronicling my every move.

3.)    Women on The Verge-Lindsay, Gaga, that beast from Jersey Housewives. What it all comes down to is, everybody misbehaves; women, men, kids, everybody. It’s just when our celebs do it (and our women celebs most of all), it makes the news, when in actuality it’s probably not so news worthy. I don’t care if Lindsay drinks herself into oblivion and is a troubled woman or what Gaga is wearing (or not wearing) in public or what she does at a Yankee game, and if that beast on New Jersey Housewives is going bankrupt or not. Should any of us care, really?

4.)   Mel-By now we have all heard Mel Gibson’s latest harangue. Some are calling it the ravings of an alcoholic, others the vitriol of a broke used-to-be-mega-star, still others an abuser coming to roost. Again, not my business and if the guy makes a good film I will go see it. As we all know, it takes two to make (and break) a relationship, so who knows the why’s and wherefores… though to be clear here: if Mel hit the lady, as she claims that he did, then that is criminal and he should be charged.

5.)  Larry, you’re gonna want to check her I.D.-In news close to home, Giants favorite defense man Lawrence Taylor was charged with 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute for allegedly paying $300, to have sex with a 16 year-old girl in a NYC hotel. I am in no way condoning the rape of an underage girl (or the rape of any girl for that matter) but what I do question is, if the girl says she is over 18 are we still supposed to ask for I.D.? It’s like those catch-a-predator T.V. shows; what is the law exactly (and I really don’t know what is, so if anybody reading this knows please let me know). When does one commit a crime, when one types something naughty to an underage girl or boy or when one shows up to meet girl or boy (or both), even if one is stopped when ambushed by a T.V. news crew?

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