THE SEX FILES EXCLUSIVE: We talk with pornstar and Tiger Woods former mistress Josyln James


Do you know who Joslyn James is? Well Tiger Woods did, he knew who she was in the ‘biblical sense’. Joslyn lays claim to a three-year affair with the golf star, which she recreates in Vivid’s The 11th Hole two DVD set. Using the actual texts Tiger sent to her (dates and all included) and J.J.’s voice-over of what she typed back, we see the specific sexual acts this alluring red head and Tiger engaged in (and hot ones at that). Recall how many times you saw Tiger text before and after he made a shot?  As Joslyn admits in the interview section of the DVD, plenty of times that T.V. cameras showed Tiger texting he was texting her! I got the chance to talk to Joslyn this week and trying not to belabor the point, I did get into the reason why we all know her name now.

I really liked The 11th Hole, there’s some great stuff in it, besides the recreations and text stuff. Since it is such a personal account, how much did you have a hand in the actual direction and recreations of the scenes?

Everything about the sex in the movie I directly had a big say in. Those scenes recreate my intimate life with Tiger. I really don’t watch any of my movies but when people ask me which one I like best I say this one cause, it’s exactly based on how Tiger and I had sex.

Beyond the physicality in making a porn movie, was this also hard on you emotionally, to recreate a love affair that had only ended months before you began making The 11th Hole (As you might recall the Tiger Woods scandal broke over Thanksgiving, J.J. began shooting her movie the May after).

Yes, I really did have some emotional times on this movie. There were times when I had to take a break, not as much for what we were doing physically but how it all affected me emotionally. I was crying, wasn’t feeling right; I had to take some time to sit down and chill, have a soda. Luckily I got to pick the people I wanted to work with, people I was comfortable with and were sensitive to the situation. Plus I had my best friend with me, someone who has been close to me for 26 years and has seen me through all the ups and downs of my life, even through the Tiger affair.

But overall making the movie was a good experience? Cathartic?

Yes, in the end yes, this was something I was glad I did. I’m really glad I did it and it was done, I just didn’t realize how bittersweet it was going to be. Ironically Tiger Woods was the reason I got out of making porn movies and then I got back to making them, by doing a movie about us!

So making porn was never really your life?

No, not really. I was never one of those girls who lived, breathed and ate porn. I don’t even watch my own movies.  It was just hard in general for me coming back to it all these many years later. You have this camera right there and these lights and the Baby Wipes®, all this stuff coming at you. I tend to be a giggler, I really giggle a lot so a lot of the time it was just getting me to stop giggling in a scene or me saying: “Your way to close to my vagina with that camera!”

In the movie you use the actual texts between you and Tiger. Are you a person that generally keeps your texts, or because you were in love with this man you were compelled to keep them?

I have tons of text messages from lots of people; I wasn’t waiting to let the cat out of the bag by keeping Tiger’s texts and then releasing them later. But after the big explosion at Thanksgiving and after months of hiding, and all these stories coming out and all these other girls talking-and all this stuff being said about me, there’s just so many times you can get hit in the face, ya know?  You see all this stuff on the Internet. I mean everybody has dirty laundry in their basket that they could take out to get cleaned.

I think you just came off a shoot, right? Can you tell us what you’re doing presently? What we can expect for you in the near future?

I just made another movie for Vivid. I have my website, I’m working on a book and my cosmetic line “Shameless by Joslyn James.” I also just did three movies for Cinemax.

And though you live in Las Vegas , do you get to NYC at all?

Actually I’ve been living in L.A. since Dec. But yes, I am coming to New York in September for a family function, then staying a bit to work on some projects.

I am sure you have been fed every single question about what happened with you and Tiger Woods, but overall, now looking back, what’s the one impression that stands out in your head about the entire affair.

It’s really hard to put into words. There were so many people being manipulated and lied to. That’s why I always tell the truth, in the end it’s so much easier to tell a story when you don’t have to check facts, when you know it’s the same story every single time you tell it. I guess maybe I wouldn’t have let the affair go on as long as it did; I certainly wouldn’t have let myself fall in love with Tiger.

And how do you feel about his divorce, did you see that as enviable, even before the story broke?

Well, of course I never wanted to break up his family, but toward the end I told him over and over again, you’re getting sloppy, something’s gonna happen; clean it up, tighten it up.  Girls were talking in Vegas more and more, the people in the club I worked in knew or at least suspected-they weren’t stupid-but Tiger and I were careful and discreet in public. But he started to be around certain girls who were “Chatty Cathy’s,” I really don’t think they cared about who he was, whereas I cared about him as a person. I loved the dorky guy who watched “Sports Center” with me or would order my favorite food for me because he knew that meant more to me than anything he could have bought me.

But overall, you sound great, like you’ve come through it and are stronger because of it.

Yes, I’m in a better happier place, very happy; like everyone else, I have good days and bad. Time heals, you don’t ever forget, but what good does it do any of us to keep picking at something that hurts us. Luckily I’ll learn from my past and never put myself in a situation like that again. It all boils down to what I allow myself to do or not do.

Joslyn’s website is : and to check out The 11th Hole, visit Vivid Picture’s at

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