Viper Creek Club: Letters

Viper Creek Club

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Although, since the mid ‘80s, Seattle has been a breeding ground for successful grunge and indie acts, Viper Creek Club is out to prove that the city can embrace other genres with just as much skill.

Viper Creek Club’s self-released LP, Letters, is a sophisticated blend of pop and electro, layering smooth vocals over just enough keyboards to make the music highly danceable. Listening to this album is like downing a good mixed drink: everything is blended together in such a way that it’s over before you realize it and that you’ve hardly noticed when one track ends and another begins.

Both band members, Mat Wisner and Brandon Jensen, have a background in musical production, so it’s no surprise that they would make an album of such high quality. “Eliza” sounds nearly like a remix on the musical level, but the clear vocal delivery shows that this is how the band sounds normally.

Fans of bands like Foals or Klaxons should sample “Eliza” or “Your Paris,” a slow-burner with steady drums and bells, as everything seems to get louder and more urgent. Viper Creek Club’s album is incredibly rich, layered, engaging, and highly recommended.

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