Woom: Muu’s Way

Muu’s Way
Ba Da Bing

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Woom makes for a darling summer fling: this duo’s debut release Muu’s Way rollicks daintily through playful, poppy tunes. But like that seasonal romance, the album lacks a bit of substance to make its charm linger.

Comprising Eben Portnoy and Sara Magenheimer, Woom (formerly Fertile Crescent) blends the quirks and head-bopping of noise pop with a sweet sedation. The most resonant tracks build in complexity and instruments while preserving the restrained simplicity that defines Woom’s summery sound. Magenheimer’s vocals evoke Deerhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki (listen to “The Hunt” for extended parallels); Portnoy’s equally breezy voice shares the stage on “Sister” and will leave you wishing for more of these sugary-sweet duets. The clicks, claps, and whistling on the cheerful  “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” offers a Caribbean beachy feel, with steel drums rounding out the swaying sound–and who doesn’t love steel drums?

Woom shows an intriguing potential with Muu’s Way, which rests mostly on sweet simplicity, from harmonies of “Back In” to the emotional acoustic strumming on “Under Muu.” Already billed with the likes of Beirut, Xiu Xiu, and Fiery Furnaces, Woom is well on its way toward a fruitful summer. A fleshed-out sound and greater emotional density can promise longevity. In the meantime, embrace the fling.

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