Suuns: Zeroes QC


Zeroes QC
(Secretly Canadian)

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Sometimes it seems like the coolest, most inventive indie bands all hail from the Great White North. Suuns (formerly known as Zeroes, for those of you deeply entrenched in that scene) do nothing to dispel that myth, surging forth from Montreal with their synth-layered post-punk that refuses to be confined to a particular convention or sound. Whether you checked out their free EP Zeroes earlier this year or are just a fan of alternative music, you should definitely give Zeroes QC a try.

“Armed for Peace,” the opening track, has a lengthy introduction that sounds like a video game theme combined with crashing drums and immense guitars. From the start, the band draws the listener into the fact that they’re doing things a little differently, which they pull off with ease. “Arena” is another big moment on the album, featuring a guitar solo that seems to lose its sanity as the upbeat drums remain steady like a force of balance. “Sweet Nothing” is the lyrical highlight of the record, describing a former band’s success and the bittersweet aspects of a band being like a former lover. Finally, for those people who are fond of comparisons, “Up Past the Nursery” could easily pass as a Clinic track with its whispery vocals and gentle backing track. This is definitely one up-and-coming act on which you should take a chance.

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