Arbonne RE9 Advanced for Men


Arbonne is a 35 year old Swiss cosmetic and skincare company that sells its products through direct sales. Think a higher-end version of Avon. In spite of its price point and botanical blend formulations, Arbonne is a standard skincare line. I recently tried RE9 Advanced for Men, which includes an exfoliating wash ($30, 4 oz.), shave gel ($22, 5.7 oz.), post shave balm ($32, 3 oz.) and a SPF 20 moisturizer ($46, 2o oz.). After incorporating these products into my regime, I didn’t find them to be any different than basic drugstore brands. The exfoliating wash was on the abrasive side due to the crushed walnut ingredients rather than being a delicate scrub. The shave gel had trouble lathering, but had a pleasant aroma due to its sweet almond oil. The post shave balm and moisturizer were neither good nor bad. The only major variation was the aromatic quality of Arbonne’s products, although these fragrant oils can be irritating to people with sensitive skin. What I liked about Arbonne was the transparency of the company. Their website had extensive ingredient listings along with their function to a virtual tour of their corporate offices. I didn’t find the cost of its products to be comparable to their efficacy. Arbonne is a high-priced yet plain skincare line with a direct sales approach.

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