Jahdan Blakkamoore: Babylon Nightmare

Jahdan Blakkamoore
Babylon Nightmare
(Lustre Kings Productions)

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Fusing the sounds of hip-hop, dancehall, roots reggae and dubstep, Guyana-born, Brooklyn-based artist Jahdan Blakkamoore returns with his latest LP, Babylon Nightmare.

Though Jahdan is a reggae artist in the purist sense (speaking on social, political and economic issues), on this sophomore project he seems a bit more accessible through his blend of pop and reggae vibes. Nevertheless, the singer still somehow manages to retain deeply honest and relevant lyrics when it comes to songs such as the lead single, “All Comes Back to One,” and various other engaging and profound tracks such as “Flying High,” “Down in the Ghetto,” “Red Hot,” “Long Road,” and “Are You Ready?” Blakkamoore is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2011.

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