THE SEX FILES: Who’se Got Balls?


The Ben Wa company, manufacturers of those balls, celebrates their 69th (snicker snicker) B’day this year. Founded by Fred Malorrus-generally regarded as one of the pioneers of the adult novelty business-Mr. M. gave the world more than just his balls in his decades of owning Ben Wa. His biggest selling product, also known as Burmese bells, Benoit balls, Geisha balls, even Duotone Balls were first introduced as a sexual stimulation tool for the vagina but became known in the mainstream for its health benefits as a Kegel exercise product.

Not too much concrete information exists concerning the beginnings of the balls. The sexual aids’ sketchy origin is that they began to be used in 500 A.D. in Asia, (some reports specifically claim Japan as the country of their origin where they were called Rin No Tama or ‘tinkling bells’). Originally a single ball was placed in the vagina in the hopes of adding to sexual stimulation during intercourse (of course for a man’s sexual stimulation, as these things often go), there was no denying though the pleasure for the woman as the ball floated freely in the vagina, constantly massaging the vaginal wall. Somewhere along the line it was realized that two balls are better than one (something I have been saying for years) and the balls evolved into multiple metal covered balls linked by either a chain, silk or string for movement or removal…if and when the time came. Explorers have found them used to enlarge a man’s penis in Thailand (hey yo!) and they are considered a sexual aid in Tantric circles, but in the modern age Ben Wa balls are used as much for stimulation and female masturbation as they are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.

Made of metal, so naturally weighted (though the Duotone Balls are made of plastic and larger with a smaller ball that jiggles inside the larger) as a Kegel Exerciser the balls are great for strengthening a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Since the balls are weighted, the ball user has to use the muscles of her vagina to hold them in or move about, thus working and strengthening those muscles.

As far as how they aid in stimulation…well, use your imagination you horny little monkeys.

After decades of owning Ben Wa, Fred Malorrus sold the company in 2007. Ben Wa continues to push forward though as an internationally recognized brand, producing a wide range of products and looking ever onward for future adult novelty development. A true American success story if ever there was one, I figured it was only fitting to celebrate Ben Wa and Fred Malorrus in this day and age of suspected entrepreneur-ism and the constant damning of old fashioned capitalism. I say hats off to this U.S. company that truly has balls.

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