Pandit: Eternity Spin

Eternity Spin

Pandit is the name of the sonic world that Texan solo artist Lance Smith has shaped into his very own. Ambient beats and swirling synths work together to weave a landscape that’s lo-fi and only as simple as you’ll let yourself believe it is. It’s like being submerged underwater, and by accepting that pretense, you can enjoy the lightheaded feeling that goes along with nearly everything that’s gorgeously beyond comprehension. Eternity Spin is an experience that sweeps over you and invites you to close your eyes, allowing yourself to be surrounded by the music rather than trying to engage in it through dancing or even bopping your head to the beat.

Complex guitar picking mingles with smooth, gentle distortion to bring cloudy atmosphere to this record. Tracks like “Kathyrn, My Love” feel as much like they’ve been woven as they are played because it’s a blanket of sound that tucks you and comforts you. The clear exception to this is “Kodiak,” a slice of acoustic bliss and a rare moment of clarity with the imperfections of the guitar making the song that much more delicate and personal. If you like to connect with your music on an intrinsic level that goes beyond words, then Eternity Spin is definitely worth a listen.

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