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The future is full of brain-washing shampoo, Hello Kitty and people with really big heads, or at least it is in Tarik Saleh’s Metropia, anyway. This animated sci-fli flick isn’t riveting enough to be considered a thriller; however, the animation hits an impressive note. Computer graphics made from real-life photographs create a gritty, dark Europe in 2024 that has an inter-country subway system depicted in detailed textures and shades of gray.

Big business has created a shampoo that washes deeper than the scalp, and the company selling it has dialed directly into its consumers’ minds, free to impart sales pitches at their every whim. Of course someone catches wind of what is going on and has an external conflict, (or is it really external if someone else is in your mind?), before ultimately deciding whether or not to bring down the money-making Matrix. Voices for the characters are familiar, including Juliette Lewis and Alexander Skarsgård (that’s Eric for any True Blood fans.) The realistic look of the film adds intrigue, but the plot moves oh-so-slowly and the quietness of the film only magnifies its lack of excitement. Lead animator, Isak Gjertsen, has created an impressive 2.5D style of animation that really deserves a better plot.

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