Timber Timbre @ Glasslands Gallery, 4/14/11

At the Glasslands Gallery this past Thursday, April 14th, after a few mediocre-to-decent opening sets from local bands, Canadian trio Timber Timbre finally took the stage and showed us what the different is between a small concert and a real show. With a huge, exploding, cloud-like tissue paper flower arrangement on the ceiling and three lone, red light bulbs hooked randomly around the stage casting eerie shadows on the back wall, the scene was set.

As each band member played multiple instruments, a beautiful, yet gritty and haunting blues-rock sound was produced. Taylor Kirk took the lead with echoey, whooping, ghostly vocals, bass drum that he stomped out with his foot while simultaneously playing electric guitar. Simon Trottier, who, quite possibly, uses more guitar pedals and looping machines than I’ve ever seen in my life, added greatly to the sound. All of the manual augmentation he put in with these pedals never felt gimmicky or overly experimental. It sounded interesting and beautiful and it was really quite fascinating to watch him at work. His lapsteel and autoharp playing was exceptional as well. Finally, Mika Posen added a wonderful sense of beauty to the songs with her swelling violin and high-octave keyboard.

Though the songs did start to blend together a bit by the end of their set, I still must emphasize how impressive their overall production was. It was the kind of show one experiences and remembers, rather than listens to and quickly forgets.

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