La Petite Mort by Will Santillo


La Petite Mort 
by Will Santillo

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Will Santillo’s new beautiful hardcover La Petite Mort features women in the throes of their ‘la petite mort’ the ‘little death’ of orgasm and how they masturbate to get there. The book is a beautiful collection of pictures of ladies ranging in ages from 21-55, women of all different ethnicities and body types. Already into its 2nd printing and selling big all over the world-as all popular Taschen releases usually do-La Petite Mort features a great opening section written by Taschen editor Diana Hansen, who managed a truly insightful interview with Santillo, where he expounds on not only his reasons for creating this impressive piece of work, but his views on erotic photography in general and his studying with the famous photographer/teacher Minor White.

See, it’s not just about the pictures. But this book does have gorgeous pictures. As Santillo told me himself, he developed a tri-tone formula that gives his photography a distinctive style and while close to sepia images, he presents a sepia, sienna, purple/black color scheme that is truly stunning, while driving printers crazy!

La Petite Mort is another exquisite release from Taschen, as well put together as other fun erotica like The Big Book Of Breasts to studies from single photographers like Linda McCartney and Dennis Hopper to photo histories like 5o Photo Icons.

You can find Le Petite Mort here or run down to Taschen Books  at 107 Greene Street to grab yourself a copy.

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