THE SEX FILES: Fighters DVD Review

So I guess I have to be serious this week because I am reviewing a rather serious movie…Digital Playground’s latest big budget feature Fighters. Presenting the willowy Stoya, stunning naughty girl-next-door Bibi Jones, smoldering Kayden Kross and keeping it all together with an actual show of acting chops I have yet to see her display so well, Jesse Jane keeps what really amounts to two parallel story lines in play. There is actually some solid real fight scenes here, true boxing training with the girls, plus some extras sweating in the ring at a place call Outlaw’s Boxing and of course some other realistic and stunning locations D.P. is known for.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Digital Playground movie without the sex scenes and for me it was Stoya’s initial wild orgasm ride that was most enticing, second only to Jesse’s scene with Scott Nails, a hot encounter right smack down in the gym’s boxing match. Though Jesse is super popular in the world of porn for a reason and Scott Nails has his own talents on display, this hot scene was even hotter to me because I actually cared about their characters’ story arc. Paced perfectly by director Robby D., by the time the two get it on I was primed and wanting their combustion and they sizzle.

Fighters is damn good filmmaking, definitely what the DVD box copy professes, with some of best performances I have seen in a D.P. movie ever. I might have enjoyed a little more between BiBi and Jesse as I felt that story line was interesting, especially seeing how Jesse’s dad in the movie, played by Tommy Gun featured so prominently between the girls, but the moments with Jesse and Kayden in the ring at the end, even the cliché use of slow-mo, all seemed warranted and one could see the girl’s actually trained for this one.

As always, we get a ton of extras with a Digital Playground 2 DVD + 1 Blu-Ray Combo Pack. There’s three discs here; the regular movie, the Blu-Ray version and a third disc featuring extras like behind-the-scenes footage that, for me, was every bit as interesting as the movie. I love to see the girls acting all natural, playfully flashing boobs and obviously getting along, bloopers and deleted stills, a gallery and more.

From their top selling Pirates series, to a Top Gun tribute, to the tight realism of Fighters, Digital Playground manages adult films like nobody else.


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