We Talk with Brooklyn Shakedown Partythrowers Nutritious and Zoe Wilder

There’s alot going on in Williamsburg, Brooklyn musically these days, and there’s alot of eclecticism involved which is a great incubator of good music and experimentation. This is one reason why the Brooklyn Shakedown, Williamsburg’s only weekly house party has been a success since February 17th at Bembe on Wednesdays. Creators Zoe Wilder and her partner and resident dj, Nutritious, spin a mix of funk, soul, boogie, and house alongside a featured guest of the week. I had a chance to talk to them about what  it takes to succeed in Brooklyn.

Tell us about Brooklyn Shakedown. How did this weekly party come about?

Nutritious: We had our sights set on the venue, Bembe, for almost a year. The venue is a NYC landmark, and we just had these fun ideas for working with the vibe there. Bembe had never had a party like ours before, so it took a little convincing, but once we got going, the party people showed up.
Wilder: We needed a venue with the right vibe and wouldn’t settle for anything less. It’s a beautiful thing; to see your vision come to life week after week.

What can people expect to experience when they come to your party at Bembe?

Nutritious: Style, excitement, dancing, laughter, freaky behavior.
Wilder: I never know exactly what to expect. I love that about it.

What made you choose Williamsburg, Brooklyn as your homebase for this party?

Nutritious: It was more the idea behind our party plus the venue that attracted us… but, we just felt it. Brooklyn is our home. And now, our studio is right down the street.
Wilder: I’m smitten with Brooklyn. Brooklyn people know how to get down!

Being the longest and only weekly house party in Williamsburg, what is the secret to consistently bringing people in on a weekly basis?

Nutritious: Passion.
Wilder: Hedonism. Amazing talent.

Describe not in 5 words but with 5 songs that you believe represent Brooklyn Shakedown.

Nutritious: No way, not ever in 5 songs! This party is all about the moment… defined by playing countless amounts of rare, brand-new, and classic grooves across traditional and emerging dance genres. Plus, our guest djs bring their own unique style to the table every Wednesday. It’s living, breathing, ever-adapting.
Wilder: True. Together, with all the lovelies that come to party, we form something new and unique each and every week.


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