Goldmund: All Will Prosper

All Will Prosper
(Western Vinyl)

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Helios frontman Keith Kenniff’s fourth album under his Goldmund moniker is a chilling journey that leads listeners through 14 Civil War-era folk ballads, meticulously and beautifully rendered by Kenniff.  Using a close-mic’d open top piano and a close-mic’d acoustic guitar, All Will Prosper delivers an intimate listening experience in which every detail matters and each key is magnified, as Kenniff brings 18th century America to life, in all its turmoil and glory.

All Will Prospers differs from Goldmund’s, and especially Kenniff’s, other projects and previous releases, which though also instrumental, pays no mind to the contemporary, electro-influenced sound.  Rather, Kenniff uses a minimalist approach to provide a ghostly twist on traditional and recognizable tracks, including memorable renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “Dixie.”

Kenniff is a known student of Civil War history and culture, and his nostalgic album has captured both the pain and hopefulness of an era, and the music that persisted while a nation was torn apart. All Will Prosper enters like sunlight into a quiet room, and will leave you comfortable in its warm embrace.

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