Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Big Day

https://www.topbridal.co.nzA wedding favor isn’t simply an added expense or an extra decoration for a reception table. Unique wedding favors give your guests something to remember your special event by, and they show your gratitude to your guests for taking the time to come and celebrate your special day. Taking the time to choose a favor that really matches your personality and the theme of your wedding will help tie together the event and make a lasting impression in the minds of your guests.

Choosing Unique Wedding Favors

There are several things to consider when choosing what favors to offer at your wedding. Do you want to browse the selection of wedding favors from an online retailer like American Bridal, or do you want to make your own hand-made favors? Do you want the favors to be utilitarian, edible or simply beautiful?

Here are a few fun tips for picking out your wedding favors:

— Match the decor of your wedding. Find a way to incorporate colors, patterns and themes from your decorations into the wedding favor, whether by using customized labels or choosing items that match the existing decor.

— Draw ideas from your wedding’s theme. If you’re having an outdoor event in the countryside, a jar of local-grown honey with a cute custom label could be a perfect gift for your guests. A black-tie affair might be better served with personalized champagne flutes or other glassware. A New York themed wedding would call for NYC themed wedding dress, like yellow cab salt and pepper shakers!

— Match favors to your values as a couple. If you’re both interested in “green” living, you might prefer an eco-friendly favor like wildflower seed packets or items made from recycled materials. Some couples choose to make donations to charities rather than providing physical gifts to guests, while some opt for a hybrid of the two options.

— Stay within your budget. With a struggling economy, many brides and grooms need to cut wedding costs wherever possible, and favors can be a good place to trim expenses. Focus on providing something thoughtful rather than breaking the bank with $10 gifts for every guest. In New York, it’s easy to get carried away with the wedding planning process, and go over budget with the venue costs, and the catering, but it should be easy to find wedding favors that your guests will appreciate at a reasonable price!

By taking the time to choose a wedding favor that really resonates with your personality and the message you want to send to your guests, you can make each gift seem thoughtful and well-planned rather than generic and boring.

This post was written by our friend, Leslie, who works in the wedding industry, and has years of experience writing articles about wedding tips and current trends. She enjoys helping brides prepare for their weddings in fun and creative ways that lead to unique and personal celebrations.

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