DIIV @ Glasslands Gallery, 6/23/12

It was a big show for a not so little anymore band tonight at Glasslands as psych-surf rockers DIIV held their album release show for their first LP, Oshin. It’s been a pleasure watching these guys steadily and deservedly grow in popularity and success; a result of relentless touring and a spirited live act. In the span of only one year as a band, they’ve moved up from being that anonymous first opener to selling-out a headlining gig tonight at one of NYC’s better indie venues. That’s a feat not many bands can emulate.

Two complimenting bands were opening tonight, PC Worship and Forma. PC Worship, which I caught late, seemed close to noise rock territory, with the tranced out band shuffling around like zombies and moaning into their mics. They definitely convey unfriendly vibes, and not in a bad way, with a harsh guitar-edge prevalent in their sound. One LP exists to their name, NYC Stone Age.

Forma, following, was an all synth trio. Their sound is in the electronic realm, abstract and minimal; it’s good swaying and spacing out music. I really enjoyed just watching the group all playing synths at once, each tweaking knobs on different boards. They have a self-titled LP out.

DIIV played their new album in a sequential order, and for my first time, to a packed crowd with all eyes on them. There was a great atmosphere, especially up front where a mosh pit formed. It had been my dream since the first time I saw them to see their level of energy matched by the audience. Not many musicians give off vibes like these guys, where their on stage actions act as a real channeling of their music. DIIV must be seen to be believed.

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