Krautrock Presents @ Le Poisson Rouge, 8/23/12


Le Poisson Rouge generally has a reputation as one of the artsier venues in NYC. Tonight did not disappoint, where they hosted one of the more unique concerts I’ve been to. The draw tonight was witnessing two esteemed artists, Nite Jewel and Peanut Butter Wolf, cover Kraftwerk’s famous Computer World album. The dancing and beats tonight were all Eighties style.

Tonight’s opener, Chrome Canyon, was one of the best I’ve seen this year. They are a trio of synth, drums and bass who play a brand of synthpop that definitely channels some of Kraftwerk’s vibes. Their set included an impressive light show and two cameos: one song featuring a sax man and another with a female duet. They play with the poise of an established act; I’ll be keeping an eye on them. Their debut LP, out in October, will likely catapult them out from the underground.

Computer World‘s cover was more dutiful than imaginative, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a legendary album for a reason. A low, but constant energy was definitely present in both our performers and audience. Movement was minimal from our performers in Kraftwerk fashion, but they were definitely busy. PB Wolf was clicking away on a macbook the entire time, while Nite Jewel and a third fellow resembling a musketeer handled keys, vocals and gadgets like the Pocket Calculator. The melodious Computer Love as main set closer was my personal favorite piece of the evening.

I found myself especially drawn to this show because it served as a consolation prize of sorts. Any fan of Kraftwerk here in New York sorely remembers the eight day residency at MOMA earlier this year that almost no one got tickets to. Getting to see this modern interpretation was a great alternative as a first exposure to their material in a live setting.

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