David Byrne & St Vincent @ Williamsburg Park, 9/29/12


(photos by CJ McGregor)

David Byrne and St Vincent (Annie Clark) are each artists of individual renown, so when news broke of their collaboration to create an album together, it was an especially interesting development. That piece, released last month, is called Love This Giant, and they’ve brought a live tour that goes all out to bring the best of each’s talents and more together for a great show.
That “more”? The live cast for these shows is a cast of 12, featuring a drummer, a live sampler, and a brass and horn octet, many of whom belong to notable bands of their own. On top of that, an impressive and theatrical choreography was executed, with its actions centered around our two stars, who took turns sharing the limelight.
Each spices up the performance, which they play with no supporting acts, by bringing about six of their own songs into the mix. For David Byrne’s side of the show, this obviously includes some material from his legendary band Talking Heads, which were major hits when played. This is probably why they save “Burning Down the House” and “Road to Nowhere” for encore material.
Some may think this is Byrne’s show through and through, but what we’re really seeing here is a changing of the guard. St Vincent came into her own last year with the album Strange Mercy, and seeing her energy here was truly impressed, as she handled the role of lead guitar deftly. I know I’ll be seeing and hearing only more of her in the near future. David won’t be disappearing anytime soon either, this tour shows he’s as talented as ever and has become quite the silver fox.

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  1. […] David Byrne + St Vincent was the final show at outdoors venue Williamsburg Park, and featured really impressive choreography in its eight person brass section plus its two main players. We also had the highlights of seeing some Talking Heads songs brought back to life, which are timeless pieces. The Offspring in concert also truly impressed. Besides their impressive discography, it fostered a crazy mosh pit I got a black eye participating in. […]


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