The Offspring @ Terminal 5, 9/19/12


There seems to be a general consensus for The Offspring as irrelevant, with their increasingly infrequent album releases and 90’s hits heading toward antiquity. Hearing of their tour for Days Gone By, their new LP, I figured, “Screw the haters, let’s do it live!” It was a revelatory performance. It seems a little too easy to forget just how damn good this band’s back catalog is. They have a ton of awesome party music, a dedicated and enthusiastic fan-base, and aren’t hacks in the slightest when it comes to playing.

There are two support acts on this tour. Dead Sara, seemingly a singer-songwriter turned rock band, was first, good for a feature on Offspring’s Gone Away and not much else. Neon Trees, second, left me absolutely stumped. I had caught them earlier this year promoting their new LP, Picture Show, which was fantastic. Six months later, front man Tyler Green now sports the looks and attitude of someone who has escaped rehab. I’m still pretty content with his music, but it’s distracting watching the theatrics of someone who looks like they’re having an onstage meltdown, especially when they’re not the main attraction.

The Offspring themselves were a ton of fun. Pretty much from the moment they took the stage, a mass mosh pit broke out in the center of Terminal 5. Just below the cusp of being too violent, I took my share of bruises with glee in the melee. The party attitude was all over, as people were constantly surfing the crowd to a variety of hits. Days Go By really isn’t a bad album either, the new songs from it didn’t stymie the pace.

The highlights for me were hearing road rage anthem Bad Habit, where the crowd gleefully shouted out its violent lines, a mid-mosh lull featuring songs like new dub piece Oc Guns, and an encore that closed with Self Esteem. This show was one of those cases where my interest in the headliner was completely revitalized. The chaotic, party atmosphere present here ensured that I’ll catch them again next time around.

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