Kate Nash @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 3/28/13

Kate Nash 1Along Kate Nash’s east coast tour, there was that amazing night at Music Hall of Williamsburg that has me tossing round Kate Nash lyrics in my head, making me unable to sleep properly since then. What I concluded from Kate Nash’s stellar performance the other night was that she and I are supposed to be friends. This show was the last of three consecutive NYC shows.
Kate Nash played with a band called Supercute! that night, an indie pop band that was cute but not super. They sang songs off their album Don’t Pop My Bubble, an album produced by Kate Nash. They harmonized nicely, did some choral singing, and handled fast-tempo lyricism in unison well. Songs were well constructed but somehow annoying, and they talked too much between songs. Lead pixie played a ukelele with flowers painted on it, which matched the flowers in the crown round her head. All the girls were covered with lights of pink and purple, and there were plenty of la la la’s to go around. Their first album is coming out in June. Watch out. What I liked best was when Kate came out and danced with them for their last song, which signified the last show they’d be playing together on that tour.

While waiting for Kate, the venue played a nice mix of songs, but unfortunately the singalong crew knew every one of them. The small contingency of females in front center were pretty obnoxiously drunk, and they butchered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as I’ve never heard it butchered before.
Kate Nash 2
But then everything was just fine when Kate Nash came out to perform. Playing songs off her recent release Girl Talk, Nash radiated beauty, and I think that’s due to the dead honesty of her lyricism.

She was so conversant with the audience that she responded to their comments and jokes in the way a band responds to their friends shouting at them onstage. She was sassy and funny and beautiful and happy all at the same time. Her band really rocked out. At one point, Kate joked about a camera held above the crowd, filming her, calling it Johnny 5. Then she stopped, “Does anyone remember that movie?”

Her performance of “O My God” was great, involving a finale in which she gently knocked over the mic stand and rolled all over the floor. Unlike Supercute!, the stories between songs were completely entertaining, such as the one before “Free My Pussy.” Onstage, Kate appeared to be drinking tea and alcohol at different moments. She referred to Supercute! as her “little sisters.” I liked how she kicked off her shoes and jumped around onstage like she was a little girl jumping on her bed. She hilariously threw what was about a shotglass full of drink into the audience at the end, seemingly just for the heck of it. Somehow, this was done very elegantly. The whole audience was like one giant room of her friends.

For her encore, Kate covered “I’m a Bitch,” which got a huge response from the crowd. However, the more beautiful song from her encore was the one that followed, one of her own, an acoustic version of “We Get On.” Other great performances included “Mariella” and “Do Wah Do” among many others.

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