THE SEX FILES: World Naked Bike Ride Day

World Naked Bike Ride Portland‘Tis the season for some naughty fun.

As we all know (and if you don’t, you’re now to be a’learnin’) the end of the month will see gay pride days, weekends and parades all over this nation and many others. Our good friends over at NYC’s own Museum of Sex have extended an exhibit that was supposed to last only into July but is now sticking around until Oct. 6th.

And The World Naked Bike Ride just went down in Portland, Oregon.

I happened to have a good friend who caught the ride. She was out simply visiting relatives when low and behold, there was naked people riding bikes on the street in Portland on a Saturday night!

The bike ride, began in Portland way back in ’04, is presently just one of a hundred that occur around the world for various charities, organizations and as protests. Due to an interesting law in the city’s constitution, since the bike ride is technically a protest (against pollution and its ilk) Portland riders are protected from arrest. In fact, Portland’s police ‘cork’ the streets for the riders, parking their cars as barriers to hold traffic at bay and creating a right of way for the bouncing bodies cycling the full seven miles.

The Portland ride makes a definitive statement about bike riding helping the ecology of the planet as much as it does promote positive body image (check their website to see. It’s also a great reason for some unprecedented after parties (just imagine a party where people start out naked!) Along the way there are complimentary body painters and bike repairers and lots of people hootin’, hollering, steering and I dare say tucking…if you know what I mean.

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