THE SEX FILES: Tila Tequila Backdoored And Squirting

Tila TequilaIf you like your tequila ’Tila style’ then the new Vivid movie Tila Tequila Backdoored And Squirting is a must have; actually, if you’re a fan of hot pov porn you should check-out this movie. It’s really a loving look at the infamous Tila and all her ‘attributes’ and how she finds full abandon with a man who certainly can deliver exactly what this lady needs…again and again.

Tila’s lover meets her in her hotel room where the Asian star is supposedly hiding from paparazzi and we get a good long look at the infamous lady in heels, shorts and T-shirt as she saunters round the room, bends to her outside railing with a nighttime beach and amusement pier below. There’s a few long first luscious moments of the buxom Tila, as her boyfriend’s compliments her before the two make for the bedroom and a nice slow Tila striptease ensues.

A private video like this, 100% real, truly gets you close in on the action and things get naughty once the lovely Tila is naked. Masturbatory action is first, fingers flying from both Tila and her adoring boyfriend and during one of these early ‘hands-on’ scenes we see the first of the ‘squirting’ part of this movie’s title.

Tila shows-off some adept oral skills on her rather hung guy next and then we are into some at-the-edge-of-the-bed humping (again all perfectly shot in a point-of-view style) then all-out sexual escapad-ing where Tila truly seems ready and willing to take as much of her man, for however long and hard (and where he wants to give it to her) as she can. Of course the first half of the title of this movie has you anticipating some rear entry sex and we get it here-Tila truly is a superstar in this area-and there is more of the lady using her generous skilled mouth near the end of it all.

As they do so often, Vivid presents yet again a very tightly ‘scripted’ (though not really scripted in this case) romp of hot action with stars (in this case mostly Tila) who you can’t take your eyes off of. Tila Tequila Backdoored And Squirting is simply a hot little movie featuring an equally hot little star engaged in some sexually charged action. If you only know Tila from MTV’s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila or her recordings, you are sure to get an interesting new view of the lady here. If you are a fan of her porn this movie is just another great addition to her oeuvre.

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