Jens Buchert: Cosmic Port

jens bJens Buchert
Cosmic Port
(Jebu Records)

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The heady dreamscape aesthetic of the new album, Cosmic Port by Jens Buchert, feels like a retreat into a meditative ambience of luxurious seduction and buzzing coziness. Each song travels through with a pumping rhythmic guide and while a passenger, the listener is taken on quite a journey. “Neptunia” is saturated in cushy undertones of woozy keys and heavy percussion with inflections of tribal vocals that would perfectly soundtrack nighttime stargazing on a warm summer night. For over 20 years Jens Buchert has worked within the complexities of electronic music. Cosmic Port would be more along the genre of chillout or ambient. “Lazy Age” has a more danceable nuance while “Sphere Wizard” moves with a quiet, mystical, sonically slowly evaporating steam. The album is an experience, an expedition that feels more like gravitating toward the questionable edge of an affinity pool overlooking breathtaking scenery, where neither seem to have a boundary at all.

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