THE SEX FILES: Interview with Brittani Feinberg of Hipleasures

Sugar CumBrittani Feinberg is the CEO of Hipleasures, and her goal is to become one of the young sex educators of her generation.

Dreaming of entering medical school and becoming a pediatrician, Brittani began studying radiology at the age of 16 at Keiser University, where she attained her Associates Degree in Science. While in school, she waitressed, but at 17 Brittani walked out of her shift and into the world of exotic dancing using her older sister’s ID. For the next three years, the young lady danced and delved deeper into a taboo fantasy world. At 22, wanting to further explore the adult world she opened The House of Intoxicating Pleasures shop, selling everything from glass pipes to kinky costumes to unique sex toys. Despite the shop’s success, Brittani decided she wanted to focus her attention on manufacturing her own line of products and created Hipleasures. As of the beginning of this month HiPleasures officially launched their newest offering, “Sugar Cum,” an all-natural pill that makes men and women ‘taste’ sweeter. Jezebel has profiled this “the breath mint for your sexual secretions” as has Cosmo UK and Gizmodo UK.

I got a sit down with Brittani about all this…and more.

From studying radiology to stripping to running a sex shop to creating Hipleasures, do you see all this as a natural progression of your interests or do you feel you were destined to a young life of helping others with their health as it relates to sex?

It was absolutely my destiny. Especially, when it came to having my own store. While teaching others, I realized that there are so many people with questions and insecurities, but they’re too afraid to ask the right questions in order to guide themselves toward the right path, so that they can eventually feel comfortable with their sexuality.

I love the idea of the gum but isn’t a healthy diet-drinking lots of water, staying away from fried foods, etc.-and weekly doses of pineapple (which you have in the gum) all anyone needs to make their secretions sweet?

The amazing thing about this little capsule is that while “Sex and the City” referenced the benefits of pineapples it didn’t detail just how much one needs to consume in order to reap the benefits. We have placed the right amount of pineapple to smell and taste exactly like a “party in your mouth.” Most people don’t consume pineapples on a daily basis. Let alone, the right amount. The right combination of our all-natural ingredients in the 2.2 CM capsule will surely get the job done.

Sugar Cum 2Your website, like so many others these days, pushes the idea, in your website’s words of “creating an open forum where consumers feel comfortable talking about their needs and desires, no matter their gender, race or sexual preferences.” So, you consider Sugar Cum part of the new wave of products benefitting from the new ‘consumer interaction’ sales paradigm?

Yes, this is certainly for a modern mindset—for those who are not afraid to experiment and try new things. It’s a new age where people are attempting to be physically healthy. Why not begin from within?

Though Cosmo UK and Gizmodo ran stories on Sugar Cum, Jezebel was the first to profile the gum and also offered $10,000 for anyone who could produce the untouched Lena Dunham pictures for Vogue (arguably not Jezebel’s best moment). As a manufacturer who relies on your net presence are you simply at the mercy of an Internet press machine you can’t stop, even when maybe a site does something not to your liking but they still want to profile you?

Social media is always a double-edged sword, but we are thankful for having mega sites like Jezebel cover our product. We at HiPleasures are sure that our product, Sugar Cum, will only flourish.

Can you tell us what’s coming in the future from your company, or are those trade secrets if you reveal you’d have to kill us over? 🙂

We have more surprises ahead. I can tell you that we will be coming out with a larger size packaging of Sugar Cum, so people can take it on a daily basis. Hipleasures has a lot of up and coming projects. We thrive on the pleasures of our like-minded folk.

See Sugar Cum here: http://hipleasures.com/

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