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Hot Dreams
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For those tired of typical summer jams and outright upbeat summer albums, there’s hope. Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams waits for you in the shadows.

Deep rhythms and gorgeous, slow melodies are haunted by a constant (yet always intriguing) underlying discord. Hot Dreams is beautiful and unsettling without being obvious.

“Beat the Drum Slowly” hits you like a ghost story in musical form. For an opening track it’s daringly slow, but Timber Timbre knows that pace is the trick. It’s guaranteed to catch and hold your attention with a charmingly ominous yet childlike atmosphere. A hot summer night meets All Hallows’ Eve.

The title track, the slow and romantic “Hot Dreams,” is equal parts sweet and spooky (especially with Taylor Kirk’s crooning of lines like “I wanna follow through on all my promises and threats to you”). There is always something endearingly and poetically creepy about his lyrics, further emphasized by his delivery.

“Bring Me Simple Men” is a wittily worded musical manifesto against the “celebrity century” decried in the album opener.

In “Run From Me,” over simple piano lines that later build into something more rhythmic and even more eerie, Taylor Kirk lovingly warns, “Run from me, darling/You’d better run for your life.”

His warm and distinct vocals and careful phrasing will have you hanging on his every word and dying in anticipation of the next line.

The cleverly titled tale of betrayal, “This Low Commotion” is adequately summed up in a single line: “You turned me on, then you turned on me.”

Hot Dreams is swampy, soulful, and subtly unsettling. Listen to it on lonely or not so lonely summer nights.

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