Haim: Something to Tell You

Something to Tell You
(Columbia Records)

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The Haim sisters are just tremendous. They have found something in their sound that has been missing from rock music for a long time. They are masters at writing pop songs and move seamlessly from guitar laden California beach tunes, to R&B tinged love songs, to unrequited ear worms that burrow deep in the cerebral cortex. You can’t help but bop your head along and give in to nostalgic. Their new record, Something to Tell You is something of an anomaly in modern times. It is a record that is solid from start to finish, made to be a full album, and it delivers on all levels.

The lead track, “Want You Back” provides a radio ready singalong. “Nothing’s Wrong” is reminiscent of a Mirage-era Fleetwood Mac gem. “Little of Your Love” continues the pattern with a noodling guitar and feel good chorus. “Something to Tell You” provides the soundtrack to an Indian Summer. “You Never Knew” caught me off guard with a Michael Jackson “Rock With You” intro. “Found it in Silence” and “Walking Away” have a more hip-hop/R&B feel and continue the pull on the heartstrings.

There is something about Haim’s trio of alto vocals that needlepoint their way to emotions that haven’t been outed in a while. While not as powerful as their debut, which washed us with sunny anthems, Something to Tell You is no slouch of a record. It showcases the band growing in their songwriting. If the trend continues, the next record will be a masterpiece. Much love here for Haim.

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