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Little Britain USA

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I Want More Bitty!

Leave it to the great kingdom of Britain to send us one of the most deliciously twisted comedy shows since Monty Python – and at the same time make the whole series a mockery of American oddness and idiocy. We may have kicked their ass in the revolution, but those clever, buck-toothed Brits are such comedic masters that they can tear our culture a new asshole and leave us laughing hysterically the whole time.

Little Britain USA is an HBO series based on the original European series written and created by comic geniuses Matt Lucas and David Williams. All of the deranged characters who inhabit the strange world of Little Britain are played by Lucas and Williams, who lose themselves in their characters with a virtuosity only seen in the most brilliant comedians of our time. These are original, outlandish stories of odd people who you will both love and hate. You will laugh at them, but occasionally cringe as well. My only slight complaint is that the characters keep coming back in every episode and the joke can sometimes get repetitive.

Nonetheless, I really enjoy this show, in private, as a secret and shameful pleasure – much in the same way a grown man might enjoy a tall, frothy cup of bitty. And if you don’t know what bitty is, you will just have to check out the show.

Adam J. Rodriguez

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