Wolf Parade @ Terminal 5, 7/13/10


A horde of long-time fans filled Terminal 5 on July 13 to celebrate the long-awaited new album from indie rockers Wolf Parade. The crowd’s energy was matched by the band’s talent, making for a pretty sweet return to the scene.

After successful diversions in the form of members’ side projects Swan Lake and Sunset Rubdown, the Montreal-based foursome, comprising Dan Boeckner, Dante DeCaro, Spencer Krug, and Arlen Thompson, has returned with its third full LP, Expo 86. Kicking off with a handful of new tracks, the band powered through the vaguely danceable “What Did My Lover Say?” and the rocking “Palm Road.” Undeterred by the humidity that crept into the venue, the energetic mass of fans bobbed its collective head in approval, but it was the throwbacks to Apologies to the Queen Mary that really won over concertgoers.

Not to say the fans weren’t wholly receptive to the latest goods; maybe they just hadn’t had time to learn all the words since Expo 86’s June 29 release. No louder and boisterous did the crowd get than when launching into anger anthem “Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts” and hearing the unmistakable opening notes of “This Heart’s on Fire.”

Taking a break to tug at some heartstrings, Wolf Parade pleased the crowd with the hypnotic “In the Direction of the Moon,” and drew palpable emotion—and an audible sing-along—with “I’ll Believe in Anything.”

Despite their consistent success, Wolf Parade demonstrates a refreshing humility in their stage presence. Minimal stage banter, repeated expressions of gratitude, and even admission from vocalist/guitarist Boeckner that his nerves still get the better of him before a show are what makes these indie darlings so darn lovable (that and their killer music).

To sum it up as I did in a text message toward the set’s close, Wolf Parade is pretty excellent live.

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