Cold Cave: Cherish the Light Years


Cold Cave
Cherish the Light Years
(Matador Records)

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Once again, Cold Cave makes excellent use of an electronic-based sound and standout synth riffs to create the moody album Cherish the Light Years.

The first two tracks are either a challenging listen or merely passable. Track three, is where the album really picks up. “Confetti,” is arguably the best song out of all nine tracks.  It’s something you can dance to while allowing the nostalgia that the synths and chorus somehow evoke within a few bars, to wash over you. And it’s all topped off with memorable lyrics like,  “I feel guilty being alive when so many beautiful people have died” and “you look so good on the outside.”

“Icons of Summer” is club ready and features discordant laser synth sounds and “Burning Sage” is bare during its verses allowing the vocals to ring clear, but builds up at all the right moments.  The last track, “Villains of the Moon,” offers a kind of closure, speaking of love and mortality while pushing through a wall of uplifting sound.

At times, the vocals require a bit of getting used to (especially on “Underworld USA”). But overall, Cherish the Light Years is solid and daring. Filled with a good balance of dark thoughts and deep sounds, fans of Cold Cave’s previous work will have no problem getting into this album.

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  1. When I first heard this, I knew I was going to like Cold Cave. I definitely like the ’80s style from this album, and to a lesser degree their previous releases which have a charm of their own.


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