Uh Huh Her: Black and Blue

Uh Huh Her
Black and Blue
(Plaid Records)

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Black and Blue, the latest EP from Uh Huh Her is sensually appealing electronica with hypnotic waves of synthesizers, electric guitars and bass. The moody EP is driven by the honey-like elixir of Camila Grey’s vocals with Leisha Hailey sizzling alongside on guitar, keys and backing vocals. The duality of these two yield tracks of upbeat seething songs of heartbreak with lyrical emotive power.

Hailey, an actress best known for her acting work as the Yoplait girl on the famous yogurt commercials and Showtime’s hit TV drama The L Word, formed Uh Huh Her with Grey in 2007. The band is named after an album by England’s indie-rock queen PJ Harvey. Neither Grey nor Hailey are new to the industry though, as Grey was a member of the group Mellowdrone and Hailey was a member of the Murmurs.

“Philosophy” is a sassy robotic dance club jam made headier by its take on romantic retribution, while “I’ve Had Enough” begins with flashes of rock hard guitar and a wicked ominous keyboard run while the chorus affirms, “I’m loving the chase, baby.” Black and Blue thrives off of the serpentine strength of vocals by both Camila and Leisha. The enchanted echoes of vocal harmonies mixed with the nice push of drums and bass boasts well as an impressive fore-runner to Nocturnes, the group’s full release due later this year.

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