THE SEX FILES: And A Hacking We Will Go


In recent months celebrities have seen their phones and email accounts hacked by what the F.B.I. is reporting to be a ring of hackers. Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and now Scarlett Johansson have been involved in nude photo hacking, and while the F.B. I. reportedly is closing in the on the culprits, the hacker claim they do this for fun and not money. All this activity begs the question though: Are any of us really safe from someone stealing or seeing our more salacious images or reading our dirty emails and texts?

(I think this is so icky that I’m not including any of the infamous pictures with this week’s column out of protest. Not that anyone will hear my protest, and hell, I’ve poured over those Scarlett semi-nudes now enough anyway).

Arguably, if one is a celebrity, one has more to worry about. No one is looking to view your or my naughty bits I can assure you, but if you are in the public eye, you have to be as worried that someone might take a 15 second video of you acting stupidly drunk at a party and get it viral that very night as much as you have to be worried that a cute little shot of your naked ass you managed with your cell and a mirror will be seen by a hell of a lot more people than your current lover.

And what happened to those days of the good old sex tape that was supposedly stolen from a celeb’s residence?

The Anthony Weiner’s and the Tiger Woods’ of the world are in a different league of course. I have no sympathy for those doodie heads, doing what they were doing, but not thinking so very much about what they were doing, that they got caught. In the case of those two guys, and many more celebrities too numerous to name, ego emboldens you with the idea that you’ll never be caught. If you read my interview with Josyln James, Tiger Woods’ mistress mentions that while she realized and warned Tiger that he was being careless, he just kept keeping on because he simply never thought a guy like he could ever get caught.

My heart goes out to someone like Scarlett Johansson. And really, if she needs a shoulder to cry on I hope she realizes I am here for her.

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