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THE SEX FILES: Summer Time

THE SEX FILES: Summer Time

While I am not supporting encounters where a man or woman indeed feels emotionally raped, reporters do need (or should be) careful with what words they sling around with their obvious intention. And in the case of D. T., he does makes the presidential race a hoot and a holler. With the big money going to come down most likely for a Clinton v.s. Bush race, how could any of us think that the whole thing is anything less than a circus of Herculean proportions these days anyway? Trump is just another clown in a circus full of clowns.

# 3-Who says it isn’t an honorable profession?

“Heather” (not her real name) of West Virginia, killed Neal Falls in self-defense, after the couple met at Heather’s home connecting via the escort section of backpage.com. Coming after the lady with an obvious intent to do her bodily harm or worse, Heather struggled with her attacker-who-she-thought-was-going-to-be-her-John and shot the man dead. But when police arrived they found what could be evidence in Falls’ car to link him to some unsolved escort killings in other states.

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